Dental FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions at the Dentist Office

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Q. Is tooth loss a normal part of aging?
Q. Does gum disease mean I have a dirty mouth?
Q. Does gum disease affect my overall health?
Q. Are bleeding gums normal?
Q. I feel sensitivity in a particular tooth when I drink or eat something hot or cold. What is it?
Q. When I eat something sugary. I have sensitivity. What is it?
Q. My jaws hurt in the morning when I wake up. What could be wrong?
Q. I notice white or grey discolorations on my teeth. What is that?
Q. My teeth seem to be shifting and are starting to overlap. What can I do?
Q. My gums bleed when I brush. What could be causing the bleeding?
Q. I'm very sensitive to cold above one tooth, in between the tooth and the gum. What's wrong?
Q. I have a temporary crown in my mouth and it fell out. What do I do?
Q. What is a canker sore?
Q. Which toothbrush do you recommend, manual or electric?
Q. Are mouth guards important when playing sports?
Q. What is calculus?
Q. What is halitosis?