Why a Specialist?


Dental Specialists

Endodontists, Periodontist, Oral Surgeon & Orthodontist

When advance care is needed your dentist may recommend a specialist. Here is a rundown of the different oral care specialist.


An endodontist is specially trained in diagnosing the problems associated with the inside of the tooth. If you have a root canal, it should be done by an endodontist.

Oral Surgeon:

The oral surgeon takes care of any surgical needs. He is also trained to place implants, so you can choose between the oral surgeon and the periodontist for those.

The Periodontist:

If you have areas in your mouth that show symptoms the supporting structure of the teeth, gum and bone, are breaking down; your dentist will send you to a periodontist. This specialist examines, diagnoses and treats the manifestations of gum problems. He’ll eliminate the pockets, perform bone or tissue grafting, place implants and meet any of the host of requirements necessary to heal any problems with the supporting structure of the teeth.

The Orthodontist:

An orthodontist examines, diagnoses and treats irregular tooth position and malrelations of jaws. For your choice of braces, you should see an orthodontist.